Add A Wow Factor With Granite

High end kitchen with granite countertops

Let Granite Take Your Interior Home Features From Ho-Hum To Spectacular

The use of granite for interior surfaces has remained a regular feature in recent homeowner trends. Used in kitchens, it takes on an upscale flair when paired with co-ordinating cupboard faces. To get that ohhhh-awwww factor, consider upgrading outdated features in your home using granite surfaces. One option is to look at using it in dividing panels and furniture structures to polish their home and business image.

Earth Tones A Popular Choice

This year’s trend moves away from white on white, to earth tone cabinetry with metal enhancements in cupboard hardware or backsplash. Black and white remain one of the most popular choices for many homeowners. An alternative is straightforward, clean-faced cabinets with natural granite backsplashes that include a built-in shelving feature. Our using it to create feature walls or fireplace surrounds.

Granite is also an excellent choice for a bath surround, shower stalls, and vanities. A sealer is applied onto it to deter staining from oils and water. Once sealed properly, it is relatively easy to clean. There are some beautiful granite patterns to choose from for your renovation or new home build. With colours ranging from pink tones to white, blue, green, browns, yellows and variations of grey and black, there’s a unique look for every home.

How Does It Get Its Colour?

Granite’s colour comes from the various minerals in its composition. The minerals can create multi-coloured speckled patterns, long streaks of river flow pattern, or a solid colour with contrasting flecks through the rock slice. A stacked rock pattern gives a more textural finish. A quick search on the internet, for granite supply companies, will lead you to galleries of pictures on the types, colours, and applications so that you can narrow down your preferences.

When you have made a final choice and contact a reputable installation company, it is time to handpick your granite choice. Often supply companies will allow customers in the back storage to pick the colour of they would like for their homes. You may want to consult your installation contractor so that they can help with the measuring and ordering. The contractor can also help you make decisions on the edge finishes needed if you need counters, tables, or vanities.

Things To Consider When Buying Granite

Because of the need to quarry, ship, match grain, and cut to order pieces, the price of granite is higher than other surfaces. But it also adds to the home’s resale value. It sells for about $45 to $200 per square foot.
There are some significant considerations in installing granite products. For example, some people use it for floor tiles. However, it can be slippery when wet and may crack if the house settles at all. Although there are different thicknesses of granite for various purposes, it is still heavy. It requires extra attention on the infrastructure supporting the stone. It is best to hire a professional company for granite installation. In the end it will save your back and your pocketbook.

A professional will view your home, point out the structural components necessary for installation, and suggest reputable companies to supply the granite for them to install. Reconsider trying to install granite yourself. If not installed properly, it can crack, leading to disappointment and extra cost. Because it is also heavy, it’s better to let professionals move granite. They have the staff and experience to get it into your home renovation area safely.

If you are looking for a finished renovation before Christmas, get busy and line up contractors now, because the process takes some time to organize from start to finish. Doing your research on dependable Calgary contractors will lead to a polished finished interior. One that will increase your enjoyment of interior spaces, as well as increase your home’s final resale value.

Are you looking to add granite to your home? Reach out to our team today for a consultation about your renovation.