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Retaining walls are not only useful, they can also be aesthetically pleasing when done right. When you hire A.M. Stucco we will assess the area and can suggest material types that will work best in terms of function and looks. One popular option is stacked natural stone. It easily compliments any property type, while giving it a timeless look. Another choice is stone veneer, which requires a well-designed plan before starting any work to ensure moisture is controlled. With this method a wall is engineered and then the veneer is carefully and artfully placed onto the cement by one of our masonry contractors. There’s no end to the design possibilities when you choose to go with a stone veneer retaining wall.

Visually, limestone is one of the most appealing stones to use for masonry. It comes in a variety of shades, making it easier to find a colour to complement your landscaping. It’s also one of the strongest and most versatile stone options. Limestone blocks can be stacked two to three blocks high to create a retaining wall. Past that concerns about stability will become a factor. For the wall to be stable, the weight of the blocks has to be more than the soil it’s holding.

Concrete Options

Concrete also provides a couple of solutions if you’re looking to build a retaining wall to even out your landscape. The two main options used consist of concrete block, which is just as it sounds. The blocks are stacked upon each other, with weep holes inserted between every third block. Poured concrete gives you the option of having one solid wall. The thickness can be determined by how much soil you want to hold back. Other material options include bricks, wood and timber.

With any retaining wall, if water is not redirected properly it can erode the base material and in turn can affect the structural support, causing it to bulge, lean and, in some cases, topple. A wall that has been thoughtfully engineered will prevent water from getting in behind the wall, while providing an exit route.

A.M. Stucco has the team and the years of experience to build you a retaining wall that will last the test of time. Call us anytime to get a free estimate on your project.

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