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Stucco Services


We’ve got all your needs covered: from residential, remodels, commercial, damage, repairs and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to ask us a question or inquire about why a certain process has to take place. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We want you to know just how special you and your project are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.

Our company offers a full range of stucco & stone services for the exterior of your building. These systems can be applied to the entire home or just to the front, depending on what look you want to go for. Stucco is an energy efficient option that can help lower your heating and cooling costs while also providing weather protection. It can save your home from the elements and possible weather-related damages. Stucco can be applied to just about every type of exterior wall material, both residential and commercial. You also have several options to choose from when it comes to colour and texture.

Stucco must be applied over lath, also known as paper wire, in order to keep it away from the frame sheathing. It’s then applied in three thin coats, with the first being forced into the lath. A three-coat system is what helps provide a strong base for the system.

At A.M. Stucco we provide a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to, commercial & residential, conventional stucco, synthetic Stucco, E.I.F.S., textured finishes, synthetic finishes, faux finishes, stucco painting, culture stone exterior, moisture, water proof and stucco caulking. If you have a question about a service, send us a message through the contact section of this site. We even offer a complimentary estimate where we’ll come out to you!

Stone & Masonry Services

Cultured & Natural Stone


Cultured stone refers to manufactured stones that are a man-made product cast out of cement, pigmented dyes and aggregates. It creates a shape and look like natural stone and because of its lighter weight it’s easier to install in a variety of applications. It can be adhered directly onto the surface you want to enhance.

While cultured stone will never fully replace natural stone, it does provide you with a few more options for your home. Our Calgary-based masonry contractors can help you go through your options and decide whether cultured stone or natural stone is better suited to your home improvement project. If you’re looking to add a water feature to your home, for example, then natural stone would be the best way to go. Installation is the same for manufactured and natural stone veneers and done right both are equally durable.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is exactly as the name suggests. Its stone quarried from the earth that has nothing added and nothing removed from it. It can be left in its original shape or carved to create a desired look. It will never fade in the sunlight and will forever hold its original beautiful look and appeal. Exterior natural stone requires little maintenance to keep it looking fresh, just the occasional pressure wash, if necessary.

Another perk to natural stone is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, so you can rest easy knowing your interior stone installation is a healthy and sustainable design. It’s also recyclable and can be utilized to create a one of a kind look for your home or business.

Small stones can be used in a mosaic pattern or adhered together for completely new appearance. Whatever look you’re hoping to achieve through stone enhancements, we can help. We’ll show you different options, colours and possibilities for your space, some you may not have even thought of.



Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to relax at the end of a long day. Masonry can add a timeless, classic look to a home no matter where it’s used. We offer several interior and exterior masonry services to add that unique touch to your home. Some of the areas we have experience renovating are bathrooms, bedrooms, commercial projects, fireplaces both interior and exterior, kitchens and dining rooms, and living spaces, miscellaneous rooms around your home and office, and outdoor beautification projects.

Additions & Renovations

Stone or brick construction add value, character, and timeless style to your new addition or renovation project. We offer a wide variety of stone and brick products. Whether you’re looking for old world charm or simple elegance, we have the selection and the design expertise to complement the existing architecture of your home and turn your vision into reality.

Chimney Rebuilding & Repairs

Chimneys that are cracked, tilted or have bricks missing can be very dangerous. A deteriorating chimney can cause damage to your home, neighbouring property or vehicles, especially during extreme weather. Repairs themselves must be handled carefully to ensure your property remains safe and sound during the process. We will professionally assess your needs and educate you on options, ensuring you make the right decision.

Concrete Block Footings & Foundations

A properly installed concrete footing and block foundation will guarantee a solid start to your building project. We will make sure your block foundation is built to Alberta Building Code standards and matches the exact dimensions of your project blueprint.


There’s nothing like a wood or gas fireplace to create warmth and ambiance. And when it’s faced with a new stone veneer it can bring new life to your fireplace and transform it into a fantastic focal point in your home.

Gates & Pillars

Talk about curb appeal! If you are looking for an elegant and dramatic addition to your home, why not install beautiful, solidly built gateposts or pillars? Whether you are investing in a fence for privacy and safety, or simply want to add sophistication to your main entrance, we can help you build a strong, solid structure that will last for generations

Masonry Repairs & Restoration

A.M. Stucco & Stone Corporation can handle any and all masonry repairs, whether your home has been damaged through an accident or storm, or your masonry has been eroded by wind and water. We’ll repair your stonework right the first time, which can save your time and money in the future and give you peace of mind for a safe, comfortable home. We also work with insurance adjustors to process claims.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer installation and refacing is a modern, elegant and attractive enhancement that is sure to add beauty and style to your home, inside or out.

If you’re still wondering if masonry is a good fit for your home, consider this: it will increase your home’s equity, it’s easy to install, it’s affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can use masonry as a way to show off your personality both in and outside your home, including on a fireplace and it can be used on any type of wall. In case you need more reasons to want to add masonry to your home, it’s also maintenance free, water repellent and mould resistant.

Decking & Fencing Services

Residential Decking


A beautifully designed and installed wood deck has many benefits. Not only is it a great place for friends and family to dine or hang out, it’s also an excellent area for sunbathing. It provides a safe area for children to play and is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while having all the conveniences of home at hand.

Not sure which type of decking would work best for your home? We can meet with you to discuss options to figure out the right fit. Cedar is often a popular choice for decks in Calgary. One of the main reasons is that it’s an affordable option. It looks great and comes at a great price. It also never really needs to be painted. A simple seal will help preserve the wood, while keeping it looking fresh for years to come.

Pressure treated decking is another option. Pressure treating means the method of preserving wood to help it withstand the elements, pests and any decay. Most pressure treated lumber will last about 20 years and can be stained or painted. It is also a cost-effective decking option. Composite decking has come a long way over the years. It cuts and drills like wood, is easy to install and comes in a variety of colours. It’s also smooth to the touch while also being both stain and fade resistant.

Vinyl decking works well in our Calgary climate and is often recommended by builders. It’s stain and scratch resistant, won’t cause splinters and comes in a variety of colours. Because it’s a man-made product, it doesn’t need the maintenance a traditional wood deck does. It’s also generally one of the cheaper decking options.

At A.M. Stucco, we have a century of experience in Calgary as your trusted wood deck builders. Whether you are looking for cedar decking, pressure treated decking, hardwood decking, composite & vinyl we have the solution to enhancing your outdoor space. We strive to provide our customers with competitive prices and always back our work with our extensive two-year warranty.



We offer a full line of sports and commercial fence products to serve municipalities, school boards and the business community in Calgary. Having a properly installed fence system not only protects your property, it can also protect the people in it.

Correct and sturdy fencing will help deter break-ins, which in turn protects the property within the fence. Our security and warehouse fencing are typically chain-link style. It’s a simple option that allows you to see what’s happening in the areas surrounding your property, which is another deterrent for burglars.

Our athletic field fencing options in Calgary include baseball diamonds and backstops, and tennis courts. A fence system around an athletic area helps separate it from other parts of the park or green space. It also makes sure people aren’t able to just walk into a field or on a court once a sporting event has begun and will also preventing overcrowding.

Sometimes all you need is to protect a smaller entrance rather than an entire warehouse, office space or business. We can create and install different gates that will provide you with an extra layer of protection based off your needs. These include security gates, commercial gates and cantilever gates. If you need a custom estate driveway gate, or any other custom gate work we can fabricate something for you in house.

All our enclosures can be designed to meet your specific needs and come with the option of gate automation and access control. Whether you want an aluminum or glass railing system, chain link, wood or vinyl fencing give A.M. Stucco a call for a quote today.

Landscaping Services

Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are not only useful, they can also be aesthetically pleasing when done right. When you hire A.M. Stucco we will assess the area and can suggest material types that will work best in terms of function and looks. One popular option is stacked natural stone. It easily compliments any property type, while giving it a timeless look. Another choice is stone veneer, which requires a well-designed plan before starting any work to ensure moisture is controlled. With this method a wall is engineered and then the veneer is carefully and artfully placed onto the cement by one of our masonry contractors. There’s no end to the design possibilities when you choose to go with a stone veneer retaining wall.

Visually, limestone is one of the most appealing stones to use for masonry. It comes in a variety of shades, making it easier to find a colour to complement your landscaping. It’s also one of the strongest and most versatile stone options. Limestone blocks can be stacked two to three blocks high to create a retaining wall. Past that concerns about stability will become a factor. For the wall to be stable, the weight of the blocks has to be more than the soil it’s holding.

Concrete also provides a couple of solutions if you’re looking to build a retaining wall to even out your landscape. The two main options used consist of concrete block, which is just as it sounds. The blocks are stacked upon each other, with weep holes inserted between every third block. Poured concrete gives you the option of having one solid wall. The thickness can be determined by how much soil you want to hold back. Other material options include bricks, wood and timber.

With any retaining wall, if water is not redirected properly it can erode the base material and in turn can affect the structural support, causing it to bulge, lean and, in some cases, topple. A wall that has been thoughtfully engineered will prevent water from getting in behind the wall, while providing an exit route.

A.M. Stucco has the team and the years of experience to build you a retaining wall that will last the test of time. Call us anytime to get a free estimate on your project.

Lawn Maintenance


It’s been said time and again that a beautifully manicured yard boosts curb appeal. At A.M. Stucco we can help you enhance the look of your home with our lawn maintenance services. We will landscape, design and build your property in a way that will keep its appeal, even in Calgary’s often temperamental climate and shortened summer season.

The design is only half the battle. You still need to make sure to take care of everything, which is where the rest of our lawn maintenance services come in. Our team at A.M. Stucco can keep your property looking it’s best every season of the year. In the spring we have clean up options to get everything ready for any gardening you wish to do.

We also offer lawn cutting, mulch installation, overseeding, fertilizing, aeration and dethatching. An easy way to add a classic, neat look to your property is with hard surface edging. This is another service we offer our clients. In the fall you can count on us for leaf removal and in the winter, we offer snow removal services.

Bobcat / Skid Steer Services


If you need any sort of maintenance work around your home or business property we offer Bobcat – Skid Steer services that could help. Bobcats come in a variety of sizes and because they have several attachments there are literally hundreds of applications they can be used for. Some of those attachments include standard buckets, mowers, sweepers, trenchers, and stump grinders.

A few of the ways we can help you is if you’re doing any landscaping and need to excavate dirt for trenches. A Bobcat – Skid Steer will easily allow you to dig the depth you need, and move the dirt to a new location, or dump it in the back of trailer. The hydraulic breaker attachment makes it easy to break through concrete for just about any construction project. Our brushcat rotary cutter will allow us to handle any tough brush-clearing jobs you may have.

If you’ve recently cut down a tree or bought a home where someone did but didn’t remove the stump, we have an attachment for that, too. We will grind down that unsightly stump for you, and then fill in the area so that it can become a beautiful part of your lawn again.

One way to prolong the life your pavement is be regularly maintaining it. An easy way to do this is by hiring a team to come in and sweep the lot for you throughout the warmer months. A clean, well maintained lot shows that you care and sets a good impression for anyone visiting your business. In the winter months we also offer snow removal. We won’t just move the snow to the corner of the lot, unless you request it, we can also load it into one of our dump trailers and take it off site for you. This is only a small look at some of the Bobcat – Skid Steer services we can provide Calgarians. Give us a call today to find out other ways we can assist you.

Snow Removal


Winter’s not everyone’s favourite time of year. It’s cold, kind of miserable and you have to deal with snow everywhere. Or do you? A.M. Stucco also offers snow removal services. Our team can take care of your sidewalk, street, driveway for you so that you can stay warm inside your house or office and not have to worry.

Our winter services include clearing out your parking lot so that everyone is able to walk safely from their vehicle to the office doors. And so that no one has to worry about driving through snowdrifts to find their parking stall. We’ll haul the snow for you, either piling it up into a predetermined location in the lot, or by removing it completely from the site. We have the option of either a loader or skid steer, depending on the scope of the project.

We also offer snow shoveling and snow blowing to keep walkways clear and free of any snow buildup. In addition to removing the snow, we will salt the ground and maintain a 24/7 ice patrol, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about anyone injuring themselves on ice. To find out how we can help you with any snow removal in Calgary, just give us a call.